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  • Founded in 2014
  • HQ in The Hague, The Netherlands

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No matter how old you are or what means you have. You can make a difference.
Our Founder Gijsbert

Lying on the couch, I was afraid to move and change the channel, in case my daughter woke up. She was finally asleep after hours of crying. Colic. Forced to watch Oprah, I heard the story of Ryan’s well.

Ryan story started as a young boy from the US, who saw a problem (no access to water) and wondered why the solution, which was a simple well, hadn’t been implemented. Ryan, determined to help these African families, got his family and classmates together and made sure that the well was constructed.

Years later, my daughter – now 9 years old - asked me why nobody cared about helping the elephants - hunted for their ivory. I remembered the story of Ryan’s Well. And I told her, it doesn’t matter how old you are or what means you have.

You can make a difference.

My bright daughter asked me: But, what are YOU going to do daddy?

This pointed question stayed with me through the years. What can I do?

It took a housewife selling handmade clothes in a little French village to shape an answer. While helping her set up an online webshop for her wares, I felt inspired. What if I can scale this and help a whole lot more people?

I always believed that people would use business as a force for good if they could. Over 1 billion artisans around the world do not have access to the tools they need to sell their beloved products online. They often rely on intermediaries charging high fees to access international buyer markets, leaving them with less than 10% of the original selling price. I think this is unfair and that this can be changed.

That’s why I started discovered. We offer local artisans from emerging countries a global online community and marketplace to sell their unique products, share their stories, and grow their businesses. By directly bringing them in contact with customers worldwide, they eliminate the middleman and possibly increase their income by up to 20 times.

They get a better price. You get a unique product with a good story.

discovered. We change artisans lives. What will you be doing?

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