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We are Artesenas Campesinas, rural artisans from Guerrero, Mexico. And we are discovered.

What is Artesenas Campesinas?

Artesenas Campesinas consists of a group of farmer’s women from rural areas in the Tecalpulco region, Mexico, who support their families by making traditional handcrafted jewelry.

What kind of products do you make?

As craftsmen we have very old traditions. Our parents and our grandparents gave us a valuable artisanal tradition of producing traditional Mexican jewelry. Even long before our grandparents were born these techniques were used in the time of the Aztecs.

What is the story behind Artesenas Campesinas?

In the past, our region was well known for its handcrafts industry. With the influence of cheap products from Asia that same handcrafts industry almost vanished.

Besides that, we all know grandfathers, fathers, brothers and even sons who left to urban areas to find work in order to support their families. Due to the fact that these men could not easily travel between for example the US and Mexico it often happened that they started new families in the US and their “old” families in the villages were left on their own, not benefitting from the earnings made in the US.

Was Artesenas Campesinas a response to these anxious periods?

Yes, in that time Artesenas Campesinas was born. We are a generation of women who need to support our own families without the help of our men. The left our villages to find work but they do not send us enough money to feed our children. By re-creating a revival of the local handcraft industry we want to earn enough income to send our children to school.

Where do you see Artesenas Campesinas in the next few years?

We believe trade in handmade traditional craftworks can generate a sufficient income for most families in this region. We hope our cooperative can become a model for other cooperatives in Mexico, keeping our traditions alive.

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Hi I am Mrinalika Jain. And I am discovered.

Tell us about Kaushalam?

Kaushalam is dedicated to folk, tribal and regional arts from all over India, focussing to present these traditional art styles with a new look.

What does Kaushalam mean?

It means ‘skill set’. When we use our skills creatively, the outcome is always satisfactory and sometimes unique. Whatever you see at Kaushalam is the result of a continuous flow of imagination, fantasies, influences, exposure to different cultures etc.

Your tea kettles are a huge hit. How much time does it take to paint one? It usually depends from kettle to kettle, but on an average it takes about a week and then a few more days to dry. And do you know what the best thing is, I can drink tea from my own tea kettles while I work on new ones.

What was your moment you realized you wanted to be an artisan?

Being an art’s graduate, I was constantly inspired by the numerous artists around me who used art to create change. One day I just woke up wondering what if I could use my talent and the skills of the people around me for a cause. I started Kaushalam and thus the journey begun.

Where do you see Kaushalam in the next few years?

Kaushalam was born out of my creativity. It is like a flowing river. So I know the origin of Kaushalam but I don’t know the destination. We’ll keep coming up with new creations and keep the creativity flowing.

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