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As far as I remember .. I admire and love to see beautiful handmade things on craft books, magazine, craft shows or any other medium public showcases for hours since young age. 

HennySeashell is my first real showcase for my fabric handmade works.  It is such a 'dream comes true' of working and playing blends into one for me. A challenging journey, but I really enjoy it ! 

My 'sewing studio' is a sanctuary place for me especially in the morning where my husband at work and kids at school. That's the best time for me to play and create with my fabrics.

I use my sons' bedroom for sewing. They are so kind to let me use their room although I make it messy most of the times! My daughter is my great quality control for all my handmade works. I believe in her artsy taste. My husband is the very important person behind all my works. He always encourage and support my works.

I do not consider myself as an artist, but a late bloomer because I start late many wonderful things I love. I learn driving on aged 37, the next year I learn to bike with all my 3 kids following me with their bikes all the way when my husband taught me biking :)

I started to learn sewing and quilting on aged 40 (2008) and soon get hooked afterward! The newest thing I learn at this moment is playing cello. Well..life is full of surprises and challenging . I love my life :)

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