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My shop is an Outlet for My Creativity, made possible by my team members and my customers who appreciate our work.

Namaste, I grew in India amidst all the exquisite handicrafts, bright colors, holy festivals, centuries old arts and painstakingly hardworking artisans. However, sadly, the richer our culture heritage, the poorer are our artisans and craftsmen.

That is why, I started “MYARTANDKRAFT’’, shop to support my fellow country men and women so that their handiwork gets the much deserved exposure in the world and they get the desperately needed income (almost all the craftsmen are below poverty line.) 90% of the profit from the sales goes directly to the craftsmen. This helps them to sustain their livelihood ( proper meals for the family and education for their kids).

I design the products and help the artists in the manufacturing process so that they keep up with the changing times and understand the demand of the people from countries outside India. I take care of the photography, online shop, parcel shipping, correspondence with the customers etc. I keep 10% of the profit so that I can manage to continue doing this for a long time possible.

Me and my entire team of craftsmen that come from different parts of the country appreciate and thank you for visiting our shop. We also look forward to doing business with you so that we can share a piece of India and its rich heritage with you.

Om Shanti !

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