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Hi, I am Chu, the owner of ChusCraft. I am a Chinese girl from Malaysia, located in the tropics with high humidity and high temperatures. I am the CEO, the designer, the photographer, the customer service, etc... Haha... I am the only worker in ChusCraft! 

------ Origin of ChusCraft ------ 
ChusCraft is a home-based handmade shop since 2012. Due to very good response from our customers, we have been growing every year since, and join the family of discovered. us in the year of 2017. 

My name is "Chu". In Mandarin, "Chu" means "秋" - Autumn, the season of harvest. For me, "Chu" is not only a name, it is also my special motivator as given by my parents. It always remind me to carry on with my dream one step at a time. 

Being a small shop in Malaysia with very limited material and financial resources, I work very hard to ensure the highest quality standards of my handmade product. I put my soul and love in my jewelry, and only rely on words of mouth to grow my handmade brand over the years. I sincerely hope you can feel my passion, start to love enjoy the uniqueness of handmade jewelry.

Thanks for your reading.

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