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During my teens, I discovered a packet full of beads kept in my mom’s sewing kit. Out of my curiosity, I asked my mom what she did with them. She showed me how she stitched those beads on our frocks and it excited me to explore what else we can do with those beads. I took a thread, strung them together and wrapped around my wrist. Voila! It looked so nice. It came as a new discovery to me. Now, I wanted to do something more interesting. Ta Da! Landed up at a local craft store and used my entire pocket money to buy beads, nylon, wire, hooks etc.

I would like to share a small story with you about how 'Magicstring' came into being. The name MAGICSTRING is derived from the inspiration that we get when we see valley of colorful beads in our workspace (which was once our hobby area) and stringing them to form beautiful necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and shoes etc . We are a team of 2 sisters who conceptualised this idea and turned our hobby into a store called MAGICSTRING. My sister is a professional designer and I am a passionate hobbyist. Both of us put our inspiration, experience, passion, time and love for beads to what you see in out store. During college days, we used to participate in college craft fairs and during those days our family (mom, grandma and aunt) burnt the midnight oil to make it a success. This added more fuel to our passion and we decided to turn it into a full time project.

We have taken due care to design each piece of craft and offer you o

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