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Buenos Aires, Argentina
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About Cynthia Del Giudice

Every piece of jewelry is handmade by me, Cynthia Del Giudice in my studio located in the Argentine Pampas. I handcraft my designs in sterling silver, copper, brass, and other non-conventional materials such as recycled plastic. I also like to use different patinas and textures.

I consider myself, among other things to be an environmentalist, and try to re-cycle and re-use as much as possible. This is how my "Fused Plastic" collection was born. Scientists have stated that all plastic created up until now, if recycled would be enough for the rest of time without the need to create more. Most grocery plastic bags are discarded after just moments of use. These bags, besides polluting for various generations, are made with petroleum which as we are well aware of is a product responsible for wars, misery and environmental disasters. These pieces represent my hope in a near future in which this material will become a rarity in extinction. 
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Kerry  G.


Great service and the most beautiful brooch

Botanical Brooch or Pendant in Aqua Blue Enamel