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After my degree as a textile designer from the prestigious National Institute of Design (NID) in 1992, I took up a regular job of a textile designer in an export house. In 1997 I quit my job & started freelancing focusing on home furnishings export industry and started my design studio by the name of “Vaishali Design Studio”. 

Until October 2010 i only focused on the design studio where we serviced a client's design requirements but steadily the wish to design & develop products that I like started to dominate.I wanted to make what I felt was good and not what a cleint’s brief would dictate.

Fortunately in October 2010 a friend of mine who was planning to start her website of homewares in UK liked my designs which were still in digital form & I got my first order

I then set up my workshop with a small but very talented and skilled team who helps me in sampling and then executing all 
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