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Modiin, Israel
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My name is Maggie Moas, 45, photographer, jewellery designer and founder of Studio Magoo.

"I began my journey studying communication and photography. Upon graduation and after a variety of odd jobs and collaborations, all the while getting to know myself a little better, I decided to actualize those things that I love, and to turn them into a profession. I combined my love for art and design, fashion and jewellery pieces and created "Magoo". In Magoo, the creation is born out of a real belief that God is in the details, and that even the smallest of items can make the biggest impact. I design the jewellery and fashion pieces in "contemporary" style, giving a classic feminine look. In addition, there are newer collections that combine different materials, such as textiles, various textures and inspirations from other worlds. Each and every piece is unique and hand-made, and is created out of a variety of material’s, including 24K gold-plated brass, silver and goldfield in combination with gems, crystals, pearls, lace, leather and faux leather materials. 

In 2013 i decided to add a new collection, just for men. This collection was launched as a capsule - collection with a few and unique items for the modern man to wear.

The collection was a big success and now its available to everyone. This collection includes timeless pieces like leather bracelets & wraps, necklaces & chocker.

New item's are added all the time, making this capsule-collection a more permanent one. 

It gives me great pleasure doing what I love, and am always looking for the next project inspired by my day-to-day life.

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