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This little venture started with me and my husband deciding to quit our individual jobs - I working as a jewelry designer with a famous jewelry brand in India and him working as a marketing manager with P&G - and deciding to venture into each others' domain. I started working in the area of graphics and creative work for marketing events and he decided to learn about diamonds from the hub of diamond manufacturing in the world.

But fate decided to bring us even closer and we decided to get married. With a desperate urge to work together we decided to begin something of our own in jewelry. But knowing it would be a struggle - with limited capital but unlimited drive to succeed - we soon enough realized we need to be fearless in the way we look at jewelry and hence was born Abhika Jewels. Directly derived and inspired from the Sanskrit word 'Abhik' which means fearless.

All our pieces are exclusively designed by me and all the sourcing of raw materials is taken care of by my husband. I, being the creative head, take care of everything from conceptualization, design, production follow up, photography and copy writing and all graphics for the brand.

We are a small team trying our best to spice up the monotonous way jewelry has been designed, sold and worn all this time. We aim to not only create new designs but try and provide different ways you can accessorize with precious jewelry.
We also take pride in customizing jewelry to make it more YOU. We are all ears when it comes to helping you make something as unique as you are.

We try to give our clients the best rates by sourcing directly from Diamond and semi-precious stone manufacturers.
Happy Jewelry :)
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Wonderful earrings

I am very happy with the earrings, very good quality, bright diamonds. A wonderful Christmas present for my daughter! Thank you and greetings from Germany.

Vine Ear Climber/Crawler. Tiny 14K Gold Diamond Ear Crawler. Leaf Earring. Vine Ear Sweep. Bridal Diamond Earring. Graduation Gifts

Renie M.

Thin diamond band

This ring is exquisite. The quality is impeccable,it is so shiny and smooth,it is perfection!Thank you so much, Renie

5 Diamond Ring. Flush Set Diamond 14K Solid Gold Thin Wedding Band. Skinny Gold Stacking Ring. Simple Gold Ring. Mid Ring, Knuckle Ring

Rosemary W.