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I am a jewelry designer and started my shop after 5 year experience in jewelry industry. I also create my own designs with help of few workers in my small factory. I am married and having two girl babies, the name of my first baby is Divya and younger baby name is taru and i started my business with name of my two angles "Divyataru". They both are very cute and lovely and give me lovely ideas from her daily wiggles. My husband is working in jewelry industry since last 10 years and I have a very strong benefit from him. He always help me on my business and gives ideas for new creations.

From my heart.........
When I first decided to start my own jewelry line, I was inspired by a gold locket my grandmother wore that held a photo of my grandfather. Our Every piece in honor those who are close to your heart, each of our pieces is designed to be a keepsake. 

Designed for life and love........
What makes Divyataru special? Honestly, it's every one of our customers! They gives me an idea to create new creativity. Whether celebrating a birth, wedding or any of life’s milestones, our jewelry is more than an accessory, and makes a memorable gift for friends and loved ones. 

Timeless style and enduring quality.........
Sure, we love a good trend. But at its core,Divyataru Jewelry is all about that are effortless, elegant and timeless. And because we believe in quality as much as looking good, each earring Ring, necklace and bracelet is made by hand, right here in the India. There’s no assembly line, no mass production. Instead, our designs are made of the best materials and expertly crafted by people who love making beautiful things. And that will never go out of style. 

Thanks for visiting Divyataru. I know you’ll find that very special piece!!! Thank you

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