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Welcome to Colors of India   ! 

We, Colors of India are in the business of providing you with the experience of luxurious living coupled with elegance so that when you enter your home and your eyes fall on those Indian Ethnic Colorful Home Decor that matches your budget, it touches your heart and soul and the voice in your head says - Wow ! I am so glad and proud to have ethnicity, simplicity and elegance of Colors of India around me - because you know it soothes your mind and relaxes you from head to toe.

Some of the products we get for you are made by rural women artisans from different parts of india . Their crafts are giving them economic independence and they are able to invest in a better future for their families, with better healthcare facilities, education for their children and much more. So when you support us , you support them .

We do offer wholesale discount to our bulk buyers. 

Seeing is believing , so pick up any home decor item of your choice and experience the quality and elegance that characterises your personality.

We try to answer convos from clients immediately but sometimes due to high volume of convos and due to time difference , there may be some delay.

If you donot have a paypal account , you can still purchase from our shop with your credit / debit card via paypal .

You will not need to open a paypal account .
Please choose paypal as your payment method at check out , After your order has been submitted , click on the pay now button , You will be given the option to pay with your credit card . 

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When you refer a friend and they make a purchase from our shop, you get a 10%
discount on your next purchase .

Thank you so much for visiting our store . Please do visit again .


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Vanja M.

Really special bag! I love

Really special bag! I love it!

  Blue  Shoulder bag   Indian bag  Bohemian Handmade Bag