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We, Colors of India are in the business of providing you with the experience of luxurious living coupled with elegance so that when you enter your home and your eyes fall on those Indian Ethnic Colorful Home Decor that matches your budget, it touches your heart and soul and the voice in your head says - Wow ! I am so glad and proud to have ethnicity, simplicity and elegance of Colors of India around me - because you know it soothes your mind and relaxes you from head to toe.

Yes, I am talking about Colors of India that was established in 2011 with all the items that you need for your Home Decor and to add to the warmth of this elegance, we have a beautiful unique collection of Woollen Caps, Woollen Shawls, Handmade Woollen Socks, Wollen Stoles, Leg Warmers etc.

Some of the products we get for you are made by rural women artisans from different parts of india. Their crafts are giving them economic independence and they are able to invest in a better future for their families, with better healthcare facilities, education for their children and much more. So when you support us , you support them.

Seeing is believing so pick up any home decor or apparel of your choice and experience the quality and elegance that characterises your personality. Thank you for visiting our store. Please do visit again.

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