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Social Consciences with a Indie Art, Color-burst, Slap in the Face!

Ever wondered if there was a sustainable way that fashion and the environment could coexist? Want to own a little bit of nature without taking away from Her? With Shelltur Bamboo Cases, you can now protect not just your iPhone 6 but the planet too.

There is no longer the need to resort to unsustainable rubber and non-biodegradable phone accessories. Made entirely out of bamboo and natural/recycled rubber, our iPhone cases not only look good and feel sleek, but also impact the environment in a completely positive way. This rubber uses over ten times less energy during the manufacturing process.

In addition, with every phone case purchased, you are directly supporting three vital aspects of our world; fauna, flora and humanity. In our bid to protect nature’s creatures, part of the proceeds will go towards the conservation of sea turtles in Wider Caribbean Basin, another towards replanting bamboo forests and third, towards the independent artist who thoughtfully designed your bamboo iPhone case.

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