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About White Colors Design

I started my work driven by the sheer urge of sharing my experiences and lifelong love affair with textiles, particularly handcrafted textiles by women artisans in India. My primary objective was to help alleviate poverty by utilising traditional artisan skills,as well as providing capacity and skill development to those in need.There were challanges getting things going, but to look at those confident faces, I decided to design and get them handwork. To encourage their motivation and work, Artisans get fair price for their work without middleman. Helping women artisan learn that they can be confident, independent and have value.  They have the opportunity to become a significant part of the household economy.  Every purchase by customers makes a huge difference. More empowerment to women means more power to society. I have decided to grow with them and provide  a safe, ethical livelihood to women and education and support for their children. Together we can make a difference. To equip the weak! Thanks for visiting my Website!

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