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I'm the owner of Pimlanna in Chaingmai north of Thailand, most of the people know is " the land of smile". 

I have passionate about fashion and handicraft. I also really like to wear the accessory in daily life. The clothes or accessory, they don’t need to be expensive in my opinion but it should to make by the intention and dedication from maker which has worth for the customer more than only object value. From the reason above, it become to my inspiration to crate my own product and start to learn about how to make the handicraft. I will happy/appreciate it if people love to wear my product and admire it, it also encourage me to keep work hard and create the good product.

And then not only handmade product from me but i would like to help the Hmong hill tribe women from north of Thailand produce eco-friendly handbags and also help and support Thai women artisans who lack income , get to do work craft that them love.

Who are the Hmong?  The Hmong are an ancient tribal people whose origins are something of a mystery. With no written script of their own, they have preserved their history through tribal traditions and folklore, but the identity of their ancestral homeland has been irrevocably lost in time and translation. It is known only that they travelled through 'a land of dry sands and of cold and snow' and 'a land six months light and six months dark', to Mongolia and southern China. Today, most remaining Hmong are still concentrated in remote, mountainous regions of southern China, but they can also be found in Burma, Laos and Thailand. And at Chiangmai north of Thailand we could to found them on Doipui the top of Doisuthep.

Everything of product I made with love and would like to help to support Hmong hill tribe women from Thailand by give them do the work that they love.

 Hope will make you happy with my handcrafted.

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เสาร์วะณี ค.

The product very beautiful and

The product very beautiful and I will come back to shop again :)

Handmade Jewelry Making Star Hmong Vintage Fabric Decoration Green Color Small Pompoms Earrings From Thailand

Kanokkarn K.

I will come back for

I will come back for shop again

Bag accessories keychain tassel and pom pom material.