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Born and grow around hand made crafts love share our unique art to the globe.

Namaste 🙏 I'm Lakhan

I'm from kutch, Gujarat the kutchi boy!

I'm big crafts lovers and here some of my favourite local handicrafts hope so you also like! Kutch Crafts is a platform for the crafts, heritage and Traditional hand made wear of the Kachchh region of Gujarat. 

We have all varieties from traditional Bandhni, Ajarak, Batik to Iron copper bells. Wide range of Mud mirror work to Wood carved posts, Cradles and what not. The authentic Kharad weaving with the ancient history of 100 years which designs shawls, curtains and many more. KutchCulture is offering traditional and contemporary clothing in terms of saris, chaniyacholis, kurtis, stoles, duppatas, shawl, bed sheet, footwear, iron bells, purses, sling bags which will give true elegance, innovation, simplicity and sophistication. All the indigenous kutchi products which brings the smell of Kutch and its Culture to our place.

After every purchase at our shop you contribute to empower the local villagers artists and women.

Happy shopping 🛒

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Marc L.

Very nice! Great handwork. Arrived

Very nice! Great handwork. Arrived well packaged ;). Makes a great gift.

Banjara bag small