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About Rooh Dream Catchers

Shahil Shah & Shrutti Dodia Shah co-founded Rooh Wellness. Our primary vision is to add wellness and colorful vibrance in people’s life contributing to their moment of Joy. We have 3 strong fundamentals of our business: 

1: Increase employment especially at the lower strata of the society
2: Share our profits, time & resources with various NGO’s working towards noble causes of helping humans and conserving our mother planet.
3: Encourage our nations “Make in India” campaign. 

We employ karigars (craftsmen), the majorly are working out of home women / men with no jobs who are unskilled and from very poor background. We empower them the skill to hand weave and the knowledge to be self-sufficient. Rooh then sells these handcrafted piece of art, therby sharing a section of the profits churned from sales of this brand and other verticals of Rooh to NGO’s.

“Rooh” is a Sanskrit word for ‘Soul’, we at Rooh® ensure that every thing we do strikes a cord at the highest level of human well being ‘THE SOUL’. Our brand is a reflection of our work and our work is reflection our brand ‘The dreams we dream are nothing but whispers from our soul’

Dream Catchers the popular Native American (Ojibwa tribe) charms are hand woven with the intention of nurturing your loved ones & bridging art with divinity. These beautiful looking at Rooh® Dream Catchers are intended to protect the sleeping individual by filtering the negative vibrations and bad dreams to positive ones. At Rooh® we stick to the learning from Ojibwa people who use to make hand woven dream catchers with all materials available in the nature such as twigs, sinew, shells, stones and feathers to teach natural wisdom to their young ones. At Rooh® we have taken the learning a step forward and added our knowledge of ‘COLOR PSYCHOLOGY’ and impact it can create to ones life. The Color chosen by you is the color that brings optimism to your life, so buy the one that touches your ‘SOUL’. 

According to the Native American Legend, It is believed that dreams, both good and bad, float through the air during the night searching for their destination. While sleeping under a dream catcher, bad dreams get caught in the web and perish with the light of the day. The good dreams easily slip through the center hole, working their way down the web catching all the good energies of the bead and adornments as they float down the feathers and into the dreamer's head. One never fears bad dreams and negative energy while around a dream catcher.

Rooh Dream Catchers have been specially handcrafted to use across many positive touch points of life. We have created them in many colors, sizes and in categories & for uses like -

  • Car hanging
  • Wall Hangings in bedroom or living room
  • Home Décor Accents
  • Garden Decor
  • Dream Catcher Wall clocks
  • Bookmarks
  • Outdoor Settings and theme parties
  • Earrings and Neck pieces
  • Children's play area
  • Multi purpose Key chain
  • Meditation & Temple Room
  • Yoga Centre
  • Windchime under a door
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