Aardra upcycled newspaper

Bangalore, India
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About Aardra upcycled newspaper

Aardra is a proprietorship company that upcycles newspaper to create handwoven products for personal, lifestyle and interior decor purposes. Beginning as a do-it-yourself, at-home project, aardra’s innovative product line includes market bags, sling bags, clutches, handy organizer boxes, and trays, packing cases, jewelry chests, book racks, and magazine holders to name a few.

As the Sanskrit word for new or fresh, aardra represents the transformation of the used newspaper into a completely different product that serves a new purpose. This means we do not convert it to paper-mâché or pulp. Instead, we follow a tried and tested process that we have developed. As a first step, we eliminate the newspaper’s moisture absorption capability. It is then hand woven, primed and finished to result in a good-looking product that is completely functional and is sturdy because of its wicker-like quality.

Our plan is to introduce aardra into everyday things, gifting ideas and as conversation starters using upcycled newspaper. Why newspaper? Let’s consider, some of the existing alternatives. Comparable products made of plastic or rubber will have to be made from scratch and will eventually turn up as non-biodegradable waste.

On the other hand, used newspaper is easily available and in huge numbers. By upcycling, we would be eliminating an entire layer of landfills. We see massive potential in it to increase social awareness and engagement in saving the environment.

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