Bangalore, India
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Ziveli means “let’s live long”, and as the name of Tanvi J Saraiya’s lifestyle brand, it is her brand’s motto - and a reminder to her customers – to live sustainably. A former training manager for hotels, Tanvi decided to use her talent-building skills to instead connect with traditional handicraft artisans of India and integrate their craft-works, to fit in as modern day to day lifestyle products. Inspired by her brother, a product designer working with local artisans in Manipur, Northeast India, Tanvi joined him and began working with the state’s women artisans. Being an advocate of sustainable living and eco-friendliness, using these as key standards to abide by - she founded Ziveli and planned to contribute in the revival of India’s rich cultural arts and crafts. Due to this, Ziveli implements only sustainable and naturally procured resources in its handmade products, which are produced in limited quantities. The brand’s first products involved bags, baskets and home décor, mainly handmade using the Kauna Reed, a natural water reed which grows only in Manipur. In order create handmade products for the urban market - Ziveli encourages its artisans to incorporate trendy styles into their elegant traditional designs. Maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship, Ziveli’s most popular products thus far are their versatile handcrafted picnic baskets, among other catchy products like a Kauna Reed - Vanity Box, a Small Oval Jewellery Box, Market Bags and more. Tanvi’s biggest achievement with her brand is to see the women artisans that work with Ziveli –grow, and she aims to continue prompting an increased demand in their artistic skill, which otherwise threatened extinction. While Ziveli has begun its journey with the Northeast of India, the brand’s vision is to help revive the many other cultural arts and crafts – from all over the country - to their restored glory.

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