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About This and That by Vedika

I was introduced to the world of crochet at the age of 12 by my Mom. It was by far the most fascinating world I’d been introduced to at that time. It opened up a little more when my Aunt taught me the finer nuances of this craft. 

Somewhere down the line though I couldn’t find the time to be a part of this craft which had fascinated me so. 

But once again this world was opened up to me when I got pregnant with my daughter and wanted to hand make something for her. 

This time though I realised how vast the world of crochet actually is and decided to explore.


This and That by Vedika came to be a a couple of years back and I would like to cater to as many of the little clients as I possibly can.  I’m hoping that ‘Discovered’ will help me in this endeavor to its fullest!  

Each piece has been designed with a lot of care and love and is made using the finest yarns/ threads and I hope you enjoy using them as much as I’ve enjoyed creating them.

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