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About Ruh-E-Sukoon

About Ruh-e-Sukoon


Ruh-e-Sukoon embodies the love for life and the peace within. Ruh-e-Sukoon is a venture focused on producing a vast variety of handcrafted household decorative and productivity pieces, made with a variety of craft materials. The idea was born when Manpreet Bhamrah Sahota, founder of Ruh-e-Sukoon started knitting small dresses for her new born baby girl Jasnoor. The hand-woven crochet dresses gave the peace to the new mother which was unparalleled and then and there it was decided that she would continue in the world of craft with everything handcrafted.


Over the last year Ruh-e-Sukoon has produced numerous crochet dresses, water color paintings, decoupaged artifacts, jewelry boxes, gift boxes for various occasions, decorative plates and many utilitarian items of everyday use. The idea has been absolutely simple: give it a personal touch by handcrafting the items. This way no two items are produced same and makes it a unique design acquisition for the owner.   


Ruh-e-Sukoon will continue to experiment and evolve with various creative ideas and of course continue to derive peace by handcrafting.


Happy Handcrafting!!!

Ruh-e-Sukoon: Sukoon ki Potli



About Manpreet

Manpreet Bhamrah Sahota is an MBA graduate in Finance and an ex-lecturer of Micro-Finance from Banasthali Vidyapeeth University (Rajasthan), a Mother and a craftpreneur whose life revolves around her family and Ruh-e-Sukoon. She is absolutely passionate about hand-crafting and has been an avid learner since the inception of Ruh-e-Sukoon. She believes in spreading her learnings and teaching others about the handcrafting art. She conducts regular workshops to teach kids and grown-ups alike and enable them to experiment on their own and help find their own passion.


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