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Hi..I am Sudarshan Sahoo from the temple city Bhubaneswar, Odisha. I belong to an artisan community (Kansari) and after my retirement from the post of Chief Manager of a Nationalized Bank in 2014, undertook reviving the "Naksa" work (Hand Engraving) on Brass & Bell Metal crafts. This is a traditional skill/ craftsmanship of my Father,Mother & Sisters who lived  in an artisan village. To match the life style of present world, I prefer to develop various "Naksa" designs (Mainly Odisha state tribal dance form) and got them engraved on crafts like Big Kalasha, Lota (small water vessel), Glass, Rice Bowl, Kansa Thali, Plate, Dining set, Frying Pan, animal neck bell etc. These can be used as home decor and corporate gifts. I also welcome customized designs as per the customer preference. Additionally, figures of eminent personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam, Shivaji, Jesus Christ, Budha , country heads etc. are also engraved on Brass and Bell Metal Thali (Plate) of various sizes. Mythological story like Kandarp Hasti, Mathura Vijaya, Rasa Leela, Ram Leela, Kandarp Ratha, Lord jaganath, Boita Bandana etc. are also engraved.

My father late Gopinath Sahoo was a master craftsman of brass and bell metal thali and developed various " Naksa" designs up to 1975 and now in his memory, I undertook this venture through "Gopinath Metal Research Foundation" in 2018 only to recover the lost glory of Indian Naksa (Carving) skills. My crafts products attracts not only customers but also art lovers, art promoters, Researchers, Tourists to my work place in Bhubaneswar. By the grace of god some poor artisans are getting employments & lead a sustainable livelihood.

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