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About Gamcha Couture by Trie Paul


Gamcha Couture is a clothing and accessories brand from Kolkata, eastern India. I started the brand out of my enthusiasm for creativity and sustainable fashion, in 2015. I aim to celebrate colors of everyday through my exclusively designed gamcha apparels and fashion accessories.

In my native language Bengali, a gamcha literally means a cloth for wiping one’s body. It is a thin, coarse, indigenous cotton fabric weaved in India, Bangladesh, as well as in various parts of South and Southeast Asia. Gamchas are woven in handlooms by small-scale weavers in their homes, mostly situated in semi-urban and rural areas. The patterns, colors, weaves and texture of gamchas are very region specific bearing a history, an identity of the place and the culture of their origin.

Given the hot and humid climate in our part of the world a gamcha always come handy either one uses it as a towel or a scarf, which are its traditional usages. The sturdy but soft nature of the cotton cloth also makes it durable at the same time comfortable to use. Another interesting fact about is that no two gamchas are weaved in an identically same pattern, even if they are woven by the same weaver. 

The art of handloom woven indigenous gamcha fabric is under crisis due to rapid urbanisation, heavy influx of machine made towels and demands of gamchas are decreasing. Hence the small-scale gamcha productions are affected forcing the weavers either to change their traditional jobs or leaving them without livelihood options.   

I always felt more could be done with gamchas, other than its traditional usage, if one explores the material more creatively. I have always been attracted by vibrant colors and patterns of the Bengal gamchas which are mostly woven in multi-color checks . So as a hobby I first started designing my own clothes and accessories with gamchas as well as I used to gift my friends some of my creations.

As appreciation of my designs started flowing in I started gradually collaborating with weavers both from eastern India and Bangladesh to work towards my brand. Through my endeavor I also look forward to sustain an indigenous art form and its creators by increasing the demand of gamcha and gamcha products in the global market. Hope you will also join me in this journey.

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