Desi Trust

Bangalore, India
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About Desi Trust

DESI is not just any other hand loom store. DESI, which means indigenous, is also an acronym for Developing Ecologically Sustainable Industry. This two decade old organization works with rural women to promote entrepreneurship and sustainable practices in the villages of Karnataka. Employing over 600 women artisans spread across eight districts of Karnataka, this rural enterprise is focused to promote ecological sustainability and reviving traditional crafts. Our aim is to make handmade products affordable and widely used by everyone. This is the best way to keep this tradition alive.

Each product is made using natural materials like indigo, arecanut, pomegranate peel and roots found in nature for the dyes. It is woven on hand looms and stitched using manually operated sewing machines. There is no use of electricity in is entire process, making it completely sustainable. This is to maximize the employment opportunities in rural areas and provide the artisans year round work.

We are not a profit making organization. We strive to ensure that all profits generated will directly reach the artisans in the form of yearly bonus.

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