Nabarupa - The Women's Realm

Kolkata, India
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About Nabarupa - The Women's Realm

As I planned to venture into this field, my excitement grew. I decided to focus on textiles and fashion. Although it took hard work and patience, I began working with handwoven silk to create shawls that feature India's legendary block print art. 

"Due to financial constraints, it was a challenge to set up a workshop. Eventually, I succeeded and now specialize in design. A team of wonderful artisans collaborate with me as we work with colorful silk, cotton, linen and khadi fabrics. Promoted by Mahatma Gandhi, hand-loomed khadi cloth is renowned for its soft textures. 

"My husband and children have been my pillar of support and my guiding light in all phases of life. 

"I believe that, to succeed, one must be creative and be able to provide a new variety of designs. We should be honest in our work and should be committed to delivering work on time. We also must be willing to learn and adapt to modern tastes and trends.

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