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About Mrinalika Jain

I come from one of the most colorful and vibrant state of India - Rajasthan. I started Kaushalam in spring of 2012, It is situated in Jaipur, “The Pink City”. The influence of my beautiful heritage city is all over my work but besides that our work is dedicated to the folk, tribal and regional arts of all over India. Our products are amalgamation of bygone era & modern world. They are all completely free hand painted, no tracing, no stencils are used still you will find the accuracy in every single piece. Kaushalam is my passion and I put my heart and soul in it.

Let us introduce you to Mrinalika Jain. She is artisan practicing tribal handcraft from the interiors of Rajasthan in India and who sells her painted tea pots and other handmade goods on Discovered.

Can you describe your work?

Kaushalam is dedicated to folk, tribal and regional handcrafts from all over India, creating these traditional craft styles with a new modern look. We create different kinds of home decor goods and especially handpainted tea pots.

What does Kaushalam mean?

It means ‘skill set’. When we use our skills creatively, the outcome is always satisfactory and sometimes unique. Whatever you see at Kaushalam is the result of a continuous flow of imagination, fantasies, influences and exposure to different cultures translated into handmade goods.

Your painted tea kettles are a big hit! How much time does it take to paint one?

It usually depends from pot to pot, but on an average it takes about a week and then a few more days to dry. Do you know what the best thing is? I can drink tea from my own painted tea pots while I work on new ones.

What moment did you realize that you wanted to be an artisan?

Being an art’s graduate, I was constantly inspired by the numerous artists around me who used art to create change. One day I just woke up wondering what if I could use my talent and the skills of the people around me for a cause. I started Kaushalam and thus the journey begun.

Where do you see Kaushalam in the next few years?

Kaushalam was born out of my creativity. It's like a flowing river. So I know the origin of Kaushalam but I don’t know the destination. We’ll keep coming up with new creations and keep the creativity flowing.

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