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Nehal jewelry is the dream of Anjali Sharma, a self-made jewelry designer. Who Inspired by Jaipur’s intricate and vibrant style. She has always had a keen and creative instinct that drove her to sketch out designs starting at a very young age. Anjali blends modern techniques with heirloom details to create on trend, high quality, gold-plated costume jewelry that is provocative and sophisticated, yet available at accessible price points. Sharing her love for natural stones- the raw attraction and fierce power, Anjali make the stones the spotlight of each piece, and build the designs around the stones. Additionally, her designs are influenced by her cultural roots, as women born and raised in Jaipur. Being always creatively inclined her sense of visual perception stimulate her sense to see design inspired in a magical perceptive form of shapes that catches her to translate thoughts into a animated thought object of beauty and art Stylish and dignified. She has a gift of creating unique pieces that have both value and distinct sense of heritage. Aside from an unwavering attention to customer service of quality. Her creations have a certain nouvelle factor owing to the unusual combination of contrasting material, colors & gemstone and taking inspiration from ancient designs merging them into versatile & modern designs. All her jewelry is contemporary full of colors. Her jewelry appeals to all the ages of women. Good quality of stones with consistent color ranges are some key features of her designs. Her store has wide variety of Silver Jewelry in affordable prices for daily wear as well as grandeur.

N'ehal label as brand is launched to provide contemporary jewelry designs at reasonable price. It is a perfect blend of all types of jewelry at their best attire. If any of our customers feel better in our jewelry, it is success of our brand.

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Patricia M.


The earrings are nicer in person than the picture shows. They are just a perfect size to wear. I would buy them again. Arrived much faster than I thought they would considering the distance from where they came. I've had other things from other businesses that have taken 3-4 times longer & they came a shorter distance.

925 Sterling Silver Heart Shaped Purple Amethyst Gemstone  Dangle Earrings


Beautiful ring

Thank you so much for the lovely moonstone ring. Beautifully crafted. Happy New Year to you all.

925 sterling Silver Rainbow Moonstone Gemstone Ring

Kari H.


I bought two pairs one for me and one for a gift because I loved them so much very well made and an excellent price

Heart Shaped Blue Larimar Gemstone 925 Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings