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I have done my graduation in B.Com. I plan to do jewelry designing even after I get married - on a full time basis.  I hope people around me will like my products. At my shop Manjari Jewels, I make jewelry pieces made out of the classy pure silver and sterling silver. I make rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, toe rings, and ear cuffs. 5-10 artisans work with me, assisting me in the making of the jewelry. I make the designs by researching a lot about what is going on in the market and add my additions to it. My sister’s husband has been a part of the jewelry industry for many years now. I learnt everything from him. Apart from that, I was also always a very imaginative person. The purity of my jewelry pieces and the way I blend modernity and tradition in them sets my products apart. I love to play with different color stones to keep with fashion trends as well as reflect the personality of the person.. 

"For me, my customers are my biggest asset and so is their feedback. They inspire me to improve in beautiful ways. Every feedback I get teaches me something. They are always at the back of my mind when I design anything new and I love to relate to the woman out there .
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Anna M.

Special Ring

Beautiful and Unique! I am so happy with this purchase. Will buy more. It came from another Country across the Ocean. This is a wonderful discovery. The Artisan is a very good Craftsman. I wish you many Blessings in your endeavors. Sincerely, Anna M.

92.5 Silver Special spinner ring spinner wedding band,organic ring, Handmade Meditation Ring Spinning Ring Anxiety Ring Thumb Ring Gift Ring