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About Srinidhi Handi Creations

“Kala Rakshathi Rakshitaha”

We believe India is great for her culture and crafts. Ancient India had visualized a wonderful craftsmen ship in their daily life, starting from crockery to outdoor crafts. Every house was perfectly decorated with less expensive makes like Clay, Wood, Marble, Glass and many others.

In modern India (after several invasions and passing thru the several Western waves of Independent India), civilized people tend towards more into the modernization and internationalized crafts rather to prefer the handmade and Eco friendly Indian handicrafts. This made the craftsmen life difficult to pass thru.

The contrast between the Indian and foreign crafts has become more evident in all parts of modern India. Chinese, Italian and US crafts have got huge demand and creating almost no or low demand for our own crafts.

Indian Handicrafts are Eco friendly (Jute, wood, clay...) unlike heavy consumption of plastic by any other countries. Majority of our Handicrafts are Handmade unlike the machines used in other parts of the world.

It is very important to preserve our culture and crafts so as the craftsmen. Not all men can become craftsmen, its god given gift. Their survival is equally important to represent our culture. It is required to cascade the lineage of crafts to pass on by the generations.

We are bunch of passionate people ( from various segments like Information Technology, Operations) towards the welfare of crafts and craftsmen, started a small platform where we represent on behalf of crafts men put the best and worthy crafts of India with a very reasonable pricing.

Our objective is to bring in the glory of ancient Indian handicrafts in modern time. As of now are associated with 100+ craftsmen and humbly presents more than 10,000+ products from across India.

Our vision is to create a huge platform for all our craftsmen, not only for Indian people but also to the rest of the world.

Srinidhi Handi Creations

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