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Mumbai, India
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My name is Vishesh Wanvari and I love clicking photographs. I live in Mumbai and have been clicking photographs in and around Mumbai since I was thirteen. I prefer taking my camera out on a street on a regular day and clicking various people, capturing them during a moment of their lives and their stories in black and white. It is my belief that you see people in their true element and witness their true emotion and character when you capture them on a regular day rather than on a special event or festival because, it is only on a random normal day that you see what people do on a daily basis, seeing their true character and their true emotions. On events and festivals such as Diwali or Holi, however, the persons character is staged. Everyone pretends to be happy on these days. Its the regular days when you can actually see what a person is made of. I love clicking my photographs in Black and White because they have a better aesthetic quality in them and in my opinion show a greater depth and emotion in them. Photography for me is a medium to get to know my surroundings and the people in my surroundings better. It helps me move out of my comfort zone and makes me go out in the open and see the truth about people, and life.
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