Our 7107 Islands

Aklan, Philippines
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About Our 7107 Islands

Our 7107 Island is a brand owned by Green Earth Handmade Crafts. 

Green Earth Handmade Crafts focuses on products that are made from high-quality natural and indigenous materials, practical to use and classic yet on-trend designs. These products are produced with unique and delicate craftsmanship, creativity, resourcefulness, and dedication that showcases the unique cultures and traditions of the diverse groups of people from the Philippines. It is not just a store, it is a community that allows you to explore, relate, experience and appreciate what the Filipinos have to offer.

The company’s mission is to open the skills of Filipino artisans to the whole world. The company focuses on helping indigenous people or IPs. We believe that each village has something beautiful and incomparable to offer and indeed world class. For every purchase, it will give a direct and positive impact on the lives of the "makers" or artisan by promoting and supporting their craft and providing a fair and sustainable livelihood.

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