Leeway Handikraft

Pauri garhwal, India
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About Leeway Handikraft

Who We Are

Leeway Handikrafts is an artisan led sole proprietorship organisation founded by Mr. Akhilesh Mani in a remote village of Pauri, Garhwal in 2012. It was founded with an objective to sustain the local skills of metal work and jewellery making along with keeping the idea of re-use, reduce and re-cycle alive. Through Leeway Mr. Akhilesh wanted to prevent migration due to lack of employment opportunities in the local area.

Where we work

Leeway works with and for the local community of Pauri, Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India.

How we Work

Leeway means ‘free to move or act’. At Leeway Handikrafts they follow this fundamental and have trained their artisans to be able to design and create. The filigree technique of coiling metal wire into artistic patterns, is done in a rather contemporary style at Leeway. Sometimes, metal wire is also flattened and soldered together to make abstract forms and patterns. Metal is combined with semiprecious stones to add color. These pieces are simply hand buffed for final finishing. As a result Leeway Handikraft is known for it’s unique designs and aesthetics.
They sell across worldwide through various online, exhibitions, wholesalers and stores.

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