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About Akuti Arts

Born out of enthusiasm to showcase Indian art to the world and support the artisans who produce magic through their creation.

Akuti Arts desires to become a platform where people come close to Indian culture. A one-stop shop where Indian handicrafts are just a click away, wherever you stay.

Our Journey

In every Gali-Nukad (corner) of India, we can find art which depicts the Indian culture. From pottery to Embroidery the country is full of colours and stories. No one could ever doubt their skills.


The rich and colourful Indian culture has tremendous potential in the inexhaustible heritage. The artisans embrace their tradition and ethnicity very warmly. The stories are mesmerizing and can create magic.

But this has done no good to the artisans, to the actual reason behind the art. This became our inspiration and we started finding art and the artisans which have the potential to do something great.

All artisans are talented, then why be choosy….

At no stage, Akutiarts can compromise with quality. And it is very difficult to find the original pieces of art and their real creators. In our journey, we have met hundreds of people, talked to them and got inspired by their stories.

Every time is the first time…

Meeting so many people started creating confusion and doubts altogether. All we knew was our commitment to our customers. We have to give them the best. This led to so many rejections and heart-breaking but we finally found what we were searching for. And this journey would never stop. Whenever we think that this is enough, we come across another magician who captivates us in their art.

And our Akuti Family kept on growing….  

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