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Bangalore, India
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About Samreedhi Handicrafts

Samreedhi Handicrafts is an Indian company inspired by the rich handicraft culture of India and being aware that most of theses craft forms have been slowly obsolete due to insufficient exposure and inadequate returns, Samreedhi Handicrafts has taken a step for exploring the Indian handicraft culture in our regular life. Samreedhi Handicrafts started in 2017, conceptualized and is run by Debamita Ghosh whose idea was to showcase the range and depth of what baked earth – terracotta can offer.

As a significant initiative, we have started with handmade terracotta jewelries, home decor accessories along with  casual jewelries like German silver jewelries in this journey for rejuvenate the glory of Handcrafts creation of rural India.

To provide significant recognition of handcrafted items in front of the World.

To magnify the awareness about the handcrafted product and all the things green and nature friendly.

Samreedhi Handicrafts an exclusive terracotta products manufacturing unit is conceptualized to offer unique terracotta products for home and fashion. We are your one stop destination of Handicraft products using traditional and ancient art of India .

We create terracotta traditional and trendy jewelries , terracotta home decor accessories. Apart from that we used to create German silver jewelries also which is also very much trendy.

We're confident on our product and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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