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Amman, Jordan
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About House of Social Enterprise

Hand-embroidered original work of art from Jordan. In this Susani Tribal Collection, each stitch of this colourful floral SUZANI material was lovingly produced by hand. The fabric is typically more than 60 yearsold and  comes from tribal origins across the region. Suzani usually has a cotton fabric base (sometimes silk) which is embroidered in silk or cotton thread and is 100% natural. 

The SUZANI fabric has been made in to works of art in Jordan by women and refugees in rural communities and villages.

No two bags are the same. None are perfect. 

Some have ornaments added and some are left boldly unadorned.

All are genuine original authentic and traditionally tribal in spirit.

Every individual item chosen by you, brings work and dignity and raises living standards for women and refugees. 

Word of Warning: WOW! factor: Total strangers will stop you and ask you where you got yours.

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Gorgeous work

These bags are truly works of art, each stitch hand sewn, very cool.

Suzani Tribal Funky Handbag - Medium Size