Samuday Craft

Hardoi , India
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About Samuday Craft

Samuday Craft is a Brand which provide handmade products made by rural artisans of Hardoi district, Uttar Pradesh.

This was started with an objective of providing livelihood opportunity to the rural women and reviving the existing craft and to create an alternative source of income especially for the women of Self Help Groups.

Women have historically been engaged with carrying out their domestic chores, taking care of the household and its member. Addressing the low literacy rates and non-appreciable health condition, we have successfully managed to engage them outside their routine work with Handicraft. These artisans were trained on the skills involved with crafting finished product for the market.

Today, more than 500 skilled women artisans are being trained under this intervention and currently 202 women are working with us under production. They are not only supporting their families economically but are being face of change for other women.

To make it a sustainable project we work in a model in which a society comprising of artisans is been registered through which each clusters are connected to each other and they together work for a cause.

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