CraftofValhalla by Anil & Elias

New Delhi, India
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About CraftofValhalla by Anil & Elias

We create exclusive hand crafted items and Viking inspired products.
This brand is an initiative of Anil with his Swedish friend Elias to not only bring best viking products but also in helping the artisans & craftsmen of India.They work directly with the artisan,spending hours & hours of their time in interior villages.They are also trying to give the craftsmen a better work environment with whom they work.Horn products are not only sustainable,but using horns for end products saves the environment from waste pollution.
All our products are sourced and made ethically.We source the horns from all over India.We have skilled craftsmen who work in crafting the horns into different items.Each product is tested properly before we bring them to you. You can have both hot & cold food in these products.Do avoid dairy products.We also do other viking crafts like hand made jewellery, leather products, glass beads, wooden toys, swords and armour. 
No craft is complete without the grassroot level artisans who are in this journey of self discovery of their existing artform which with the intervention of Anil and his Swedish friend stood out as the Craft of Valhala.
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