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Kolkata, India
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About Riddhi Bags By Riddhi

"She is a sunflower and a wildflower too 
She is a poetry and a storm too 
She could be anything in this world 
She is the embodiment of strength and power
She is Durga Every Women I salute thee, " says Riddhi the women behind this craft of Bag making from Kolkata West Bengal.

I love Kolkata- the city I was born in!! I am a total bong at heart..that's how it reflects in my style too. I take pride whenever someone tells me " oh you are so Bengali in your taste".

Being a textile student from Nirmala Niketan ,Mumbai...I was always twiddling my fingers with fabric since the last 20 years.... Now I have found my calling and am making kantha-leather combine bags and accessories...I patiently stitch my choice of  fabrics myself and have wonderful karigars who convert them to the bags.  

Impeccable finishing with attention to details. No repeat and multiples are produced.

Stunning Bags hand stitched and hand embroidered with kantha details

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