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Baba Art and Crafts was established in 1975 by M. Shafi Baba and then was taken over by Hussain Baba with a crystal clear motto of introducing and flourishing of our ages-old art of genuine handicraft. More than 25 artisans are now working with us directly including male and female in our company. Our thought of concern is to contact the buyers directly. 

At Kashmir we manufacture directly from the source, thereby discouraging the middlemen who exploits the manufacturer directly. By our cooperation we are going to end the exploitation and start a new era of business and friendship with you and your support. 
Right now more than 500 families are working for Kashmir among which only few of them are directly taken care by it. We specialize in manufacturing Papier Mache from Kashmir.  We are already providing such services to our various clients worldwide and are proud to for our quality.
Kashmir handicrafts have the tremendous potential in the national and international arena. Be it kashmmiri carpet, shawls, Papier mache all are exported to different parts of the world from Kashmir.

To answer your queries about the art and craft segment from Kashmir and of late we could develop honest relationship in terms of handicrafts goods of any category any company or any of our client’s desire.   

Papier Machie- Art of Kashmir 
Paper Mache is one of the most popular of crafts practiced in Kashmir. It is a part of the tradition of Kashmir. Papier Machie has its origin rooted in the 15th century when king Zain-ul-Abidin invited accomplished artists and craftsmen from central Asia. This unique craft involves the use of paper pulp for creating beautiful artifacts painted by expert craftsmen in lifelike images of Kingfishers, maple leaves and other motifs.
The creation of a papier-mache object can be divided into two distinct categories, the sakhtsazi (making the object) and the naqashi (painting the surface). The color for painting designs on the surface are obtained by grinding and soaking carious vegetable mineral dyes in pigment or stone form. The final product is a beautiful art work that cannot be called a creation of one artist. It travels many pairs of talented hand before reaching a table or a mantel. Above all other talents, the aesthetic sensibility and hereditary skills are most essential in these craftsmen. A French term so commonly adopted in East and West and meaning "mashed paper" Papier Machie is in fact a unique combination of line and color on molded forms of a variety of objects. It involves ornamentation in color over smoothened surfaces built up of paper pulp or layers of paper. Paper pulp is not always found effective and is sometimes replaced by other substitutes.The colors painted on object are made from pigments diluted in water to which some glue is added to fix the ground on which it is used. The three categories of colors are -- mineral (both actual and artificial) organic (both plants insects etc.) Vegetables. The final objects papier machie is given one or two coats of varnish which besides giving it shine serves as a protective agent.

Important designs and motifs in papier machie designs are:
Gulandar Gul (flower in flower), Hazara (the thousand flowers), Gul Vilayat (the dear flower), Miniature Mugal paints, Mythological figures, Animal hunting scenes, battle scenes. The product range cover ring boxes, pill boxes, boxes of assorted shapes and sizes, flower vases, wall plates, bowls, ashtrays, screens etc.

About Founder:

Apart from being Founder of Baba Art and Crafts.

Hussain Baba has been a Mental Health Therapist with 8 years of experience in holistic healing. Well Versed in psychotherapy counseling and holistic treatment modalities like Reiki, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques. Has worked with many people with different psycho-behavioral and Psycho somatic disorders. His experience lies in stress management and instant relaxation techniques, Emotional Problems and Relationship Problems. 

Worked with Kashmir Lifeline and Health Centre a UK Based Organization since Feb 11. Experience in working at various District and Sub district hospital and working with the Aganwadi workers providing a basic training of understanding the emotional changes in oneself. 
Nonetheless he was also involved in various activities for upliftment of unprivileged children and women in Kashmir. 

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