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About The Happy Turtle

The Eye-Opener

My awareness and attitude towards Plastic changed drastically the day I watched a Turtle swim towards a plastic bag mistaking it for its jellyfish lunch!

And that was just one of many incidents to follow where I saw man-made plastic suffocate and choke our planet and all other beings on it!

The Journey

I’m a B-school graduate, Corporate World Employee turned Scuba diving instructor, with over 500 memorable dives across a few countries.

One thing, however, remains consistent across these countries below the surface – seeing plastic underwater! Not only is the plastic choking our planet above the water surface, it is causing the death of a multitude of endangered species across the oceans as well. With plastic products found and brought back above the surface on numerous dives, the harsh reality of a 5-minute straw staying in the world for at least 200 years hit me.

On one such dive, I saw a hawksbill sea turtle heading for a nice jellyfish lunch. But when I looked more carefully, I realised that the turtle was slowly swimming towards a transparent plastic bag – which looked very much like a jellyfish underwater. With an intent to get in the way of this turtle and its plastic lunch, I swam towards the plastic bag, while making a sound with a metal stick (called the tank pointer) on my tank to distract the turtle. Thankfully (and maybe annoyingly for the turtle), the noise made him swim away and I could reach the plastic bag before it could.

That day the turtle got to live but that was also the day that I realised its time for us to change our plastic habits.

The Belief

The first plastic product ever made still exists in the environment!

Till we don’t reduce the amount of plastic we are using and disposing, all efforts of clean-up and recycling will not be enough. We need to address the problem at the source. Every small habit change today will go a long way in reducing the plastic menace!

The Products

All our products are Made in India by artisans in North and North-East India. The bamboo products are made without the use of any chemicals and are double boiled to ensure they are microbe resistant. The finishing shades are provided by burning instead of using any paints. 

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