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Midori is the story of a little girl who lives in a technicolour world of disaffected whimsy. Stashing trinkets and keepsakes she finds, in her little bindle of memories; not so much because of what they are, but what they remind her of. Midori Collective is an ensemble of collectable art and design, expressed in porcelain. Inspired by sharing the sense of small pleasures and bringing beauty to the everyday.

Each creation is an extension of Midori’s story; characters and things she encounters with on her journey or a part of her surreal world. Every piece in the collection has an emotional connect or is linked to a memory and that’s what makes each piece so special. Inspired by quirky culture, literature and pop art, almost from a world of their own; the concepts have an otherworldly, dreamlike, magical quality to them where anything is possible. The products lie on a fine line between art and design.  

Midori Collective was built out of a need to create something beautiful. Created and founded by two visual artists, driven by the same creative passion to translate their visual stories into tangible works of art. Roshni Merchant is a graphic designer and an illustrator/watercolourist. Pritpal Singh is a sculptor, illustrator and a designer. As dreamers, artists, and romantics, they believe that art and design together create an extension of their personalities. To break away from a world of digital chaos and have an appreciation of the real. With the design and manufacturing studio based in (Bangalore) India, each piece is handmade using traditional techniques and personally handcrafted by them. Pouring love & passion into every single work of art, making each creation unique and special in the smallest of ways. Evoking a sense of fantasy and transforming figments of their imagination into a fairy-tinged collection, a quaint cache of sorts; where one can find nostalgia inspired keepsakes and trinkets.  

Working with your hands and creating something from scratch is an intimate process. It is the process we find evocative rather than the end result. When you can look at something and see it for the process and not the end result, you have a deeper appreciation for it. We fell in love with porcelain as it mimics a true white canvas to express ideas in three dimension. Porcelain has the ability to carry a memory, a character; remembering every touch. It has the translucency of glass and is sonorous after firing. 

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