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About Hala Design

Horn carving is a long - standing career in VietNam. Many years ago, by using the horn of the buffaloes – which are the symbol of Wet wet rice civilization, the artists were able to create such things serving for daily life as combs, whip horse, brushes and so on. However, horn products at that time were limited in styles, models and types. As time passed by, with the talents and the continuous creation, the artists have innovated designs and diverse products.

 Nowadays, some of the typical products made from horn are vases, jewelry, candle holder, horn cup and brooches with different models and styles. 

With the desire to honor the traditional value and bring the horn craft products close the world, we have decided to establish Hala Design in 2018. We simply got the name “Hala design” by combining the name of the co-founders (Mrs. Ha and Ms. Lan). Before establishing Hala design, the co-founders worked independently in horn carving and horn import-export area. In 2017, thanks to sharing a common interest in horn handicrafts, we had the chance to meet each other and set up Hala Design.

We always take the customer’s satisfaction as our goal. Not only trying to improve the models and the traditional techniques, we also continuously research and develop new techniques such as laquering, 3D painting effect, shading, scratching,.. Beside horns, we also have products made from seashell like mother of pearl, abalone and animal bones. Hala design will not stop changing and creating  new unique products, which will adapt to the changes in modern taste.With 10-year experience working in craft and export area and the dedication, our company will do our best to bring you the products with the best quality and the best price. Hala design commits that all products are made from natural materials, 100 % organic, not only friendly with the environment but also good for human health and totally made by hand which leads to the fact that each product in Hala design will be a unique artwork, through which you can show your personality. Let Hala Design create unforgetable moments with you!

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