Mumbai, India
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About Dwij

"dwij", means second life (द्वि =Twice, ज =Born) in Sanskrit is a brand with a mission to manufacture and promote lifestyle products made from upcycled post consumer garments and post-industrial garment waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill. The product range includes backpacks, duffle, utility bags, handbags, jewelry, home decor and other accessory products targeted for an environmentally conscious consumer. dwij has an in house manufacturing setup and a network of a woman working from home who need an additional income to support their families. While dwij wants to increase the awareness towards upcycled products, hygiene remains a top priority to ensure that the customer views an upcycled product at par with a virgin product. Till date, dwij has upcycled more than 3500 pair of jeans, 500 m of post-industrial denim and manufactured more than 2800 bags. 

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