Au Grain de Sésame

RABAT, Morocco
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About Au Grain de Sésame

Au Grain de Sésame   

Social enterprise in art an ecological design


Au Grain de Sésame (AGS) is an ecologically minded, community-based art gallery and organic handicrafts workshop promoting sustainable development and diversity in the old city in Rabat, Morocco.

Our vision is to empower women through ecological art and cross-cultural exchanges.

Through an innovative technique using recycled paper, created by the AGS founder Asmaa Benachir, AGS developed a training program in art and eco-friendly design to build the skills and capacities of craft women so that they can gain financial autonomy.

AGS holds the steadfast belief that art can be used as a powerful tool to develop human capital and contributes to sustainable socio-economic development. Thus, the AGS approach encourages social integration in emerging countries like Morocco, all while prioritizing intercultural dialogue.


The AGS team is highly committed designing and providing ecological artistic training programs to continue to empower communities and contribute to sustainable socio-economic development.

Paper leather product

Moroccan handmade paper leather is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional leather products made from animal hides. 30% of proceeds from paper leather products to back to the female artisans who crafted each unique piece just for you. An innovative solution that improves the living conditions of both those who make them and those who buy them! 

By supporting us, you contribute to transforming a group of marginalized women into effective sustainable development women actors!

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