Amsterdam, Netherlands
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About TIMI

TIMI stands for this is my independence. TIMI is part of the women empowerment project where women get skills- and empowerment training from locals.  
Independence for women is what the 2 founders, Hilde Bleijswijk and Daphne Goudsmit think will make the world a better place. The founders met each other for the first time on their world trip in Nepal. They discussed different world problems, differences between east and west and also inequality between men and women. When they arrived back home they met again and out of this Namaste Foundation was founded a foundation that stands for women empowerment in Nepal. After a lot of different trips to Nepal, the handmade scarfs caught their attention. They grew to love the scarfs and also with family they became very wanted. They decided to design their own scarf and start a webshop to sell the scarfs.
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