Let's Care Jewelry

San Jose, Philippines
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About Let's Care Jewelry

We are Let's Care foundation and we have charity projects for the unfortunate children. We operate a home for abused girls age 5-19 and have 2 streetboys programs. Also we advocate for the prevention of childabuse. In order to become financially independent in the future we have put up income generating projects. That is why we have designed and produce the Let's Care jewelry and sell beautifull bags made by local women of our community.

A Dutch jewelry designer; LoveLuha was asked to design a collection for Let's Care, from there on we started to work together on a Let's Care Jewelry collection. Two beautiful projects in one. Woman empowerment and working on self-reliantness for the foundation.

The Layback spring/summer 2015 collection was born....

Let's Care Jewelry by LoveLuha

You can help these women and children by buying our products. This will also empower and emancipate our girls and women. 

Thank you and enjoy your beautifull products
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