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I design silver jewelry in Kotagede, the heart of the silversmiths in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I love to make sure that my designs are unique. Therefore I continuously design my own products. When I took over the workshop from my father I had a cultural goal to apply the repousse technique in my jewelry designs in order to revive it. Indonesia inherited this technique from the Javanese Mataram Kingdom in the 16th century to decorate their ornaments but it almost disappeared when the Dutch left Indonesia after World War II. I hope that my effort to awake this old Javanese jewelry tradition will be successful. In my company I employ 30 craftsmen and craftswomen. I try to do my best for my crafts-workers. For the ones that have unique talent I supply a scholarship. Furthermore I made a company card for the crafts-workers, so that when they are sick, they can go see a doctor free of charge. I also pay school fees for one child of the crafts-workers. Every year I give a bonus to the crafts-workers. I think this happens only in my company, compared to other companies in Kotagede. Besides that, every 2 weeks I give a motivational speech to to the crafts-workers to make them more self confident on their life, because I see the problem in my community because people have no self-confidence. In Indonesia my designs are widely appreciated. I was a finalist in a national jewelry contest held by an Indonesian women's magazine. Furthermore I received awards in many other jewelry competitions, and the Indonesian presidential office asked me to create souvenirs for the 2003 Asian summit and the 2005 African summit. My last awards were in 2012 in the Indonesian Design competition. "I am now very happy. I have a family and my wife also likes to help me. I enjoy this work, I love to create new designs, and I'm really happy because I found the right path in life. I create things of beauty and I want to share beauty with others. I hope people who wear my creations will be happy, too. I want to spread happiness to every corner of the world because there is a force that wants to create unhappiness in the world. I know my effort is very small, but at least I do something good."
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