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Proudly Serving Over 17,000 Customers with 30,000+ Orders!
Proudly Serving Over 17,000 Customers with 30,000+ Orders!
Artisans’ impressive display of craftsmanship leads to Discovered’s massive growth in 2021

Artisans’ impressive display of craftsmanship leads to Discovered’s massive growth in 2021

September 6th, 2021 - The online marketplace for handmade jewelry and accessories, ethically crafted by artisans in emerging countries, shows a massive growth of 58%. Since the start of 2021, Discovered’s growth has been substantial. The eCommerce succeeded in helping its artisans survive the pandemic, allowing them to hire significantly more employees and increase sales consistently. Founded in 2014, the marketplace’s goal has always been to connect these entrepreneurs to conscious consumers across the world by offering them an online space to sell their products. Moreover, it is essential to highlight the number of people that have benefited from the online marketplace’s growth. On average, Discovered’s artisans support dozens of family members, sometimes even hundreds.

Maya Studio, one of the most talented artisans present on the marketplace, praised Discovered’s work and how beneficial it’s been for her family:

“The platform has helped us retain our employees during the hard times of lockdowns. We have been able to support them without any deductions in their salaries, enabling them to work from home. Discovered helped us rediscover the joy of bonding with family in these hard times and keep our traditional art alive”, she said.

Some of the key figures include:

● The month-over-month growth of the marketplace in 2021 was 58%

● On average, the top best selling artisans on Discovered hired 4,6 more employees compared to last year

● Among them, Maya Studio alone added ten more to her staff

● On the other hand, Adorable Craft saw the highest increase in sales, achieving a 525% growth in less than half a year (Jan - May ‘21) compared to the whole 2020

Most importantly, the support artisans received is crucial given how the pandemic has impacted the world. Most of the artisans involved in the project are from India, which has been struggling dramatically in recent times. According to reports, Covid’s second wave left 7 million people jobless, with a 21,7% unemployment rate in May 2021.

On top of that, the Indian government’s recent announcement to shut down all non-essential shops made the situation worse, if possible. In light of this, Discovered represents a precious resource for the artisans, who can now sell online and worldwide in line with today’s global trend.

Covid has had a tremendous impact on the professional world. Indian artisans, who often have to provide for several family members and are now facing new, threatening issues due to the pandemic’s second wave, require support. Nevertheless, since 2021 Discovered has increased revenues significantly, providing an innovative and profitable online marketplace for artisans.

About Discovered

We are an online marketplace for handmade products, ethically crafted by artisans in emerging countries. Our mission is to connect artisan entrepreneurs in India, Kenya, Thailand, Indonesia, South America, Mexico, Malaysia, and Israel to conscious consumers across the world. By stocking directly from the makers, every purchase creates a positive impact.


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