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How Sustainable Artisan Brands Are Becoming the Fastest Growing Trend in American Fashion

How Sustainable Artisan Brands Are Becoming the Fastest Growing Trend in American Fashion

By Darrel Sampson

In the ''States,'' more & more Americans are becoming increasingly attuned to conscious concepts such as eating vegan and accepting multi-cultures. With this growth, they are also moving towards using renewable energy and supporting sustainable fashions & jewelry, opting for environmentally & economically friendly artisan fashion brands.

As more citizens & celebrities are choosing healthier & socially conscious lifestyles & diets, they are also turning their backs on multi-million dollar companies whose products in fashion are highly dependent on the exploitation of the lives of animals.

Sustainable Fashion

According to a Bloomberg article, "The fashion industry might not be the first that comes to mind as a superuser of fossil fuels. But modern textiles rely heavily on petrochemical products from many of the same oil and gas companies driving greenhouse gas emissions'.''
Today, according to the United Nations Environment Programme, fashion accounts for up to 10% of global carbon dioxide output—more than international flights and shipping combined. Dottle, R., & Gu, J. (2022). Manufactured fashion is responsible for a fifth of 300 million tons of plastic produced globally annually. Polyester is the backbone of textile products & garments made from it are direct sources of microplastic pollution.

Compared to commercially manufactured goods, artisan-produced products are often hand-crafted with extremely high-quality features. Being mostly hand-crafted, artisan brands are environmentally friendly and produce no industrial waste. Economically speaking, artisan brand companies usually buy supplies from other regional businesses, employ local employees, and spend their earnings on local companies. As mentioned, artisan brand quality is far superior to manufactured. Every step of their creations is carefully inspected, and high-quality materials are most often used. An assembly line or machine cannot guarantee this level of professionalism.

Celebrities Who Have Embraced Sustainable Artisan Fashion

Notable celebrities are taking the lead in the conscious movement by investing & living the lifestyles of this pioneering trend. High-profile stars ranging from Leonardo DiCaprio to Rihanna are making significant moves in the support & promotion of artisan fashion brands.

Wikimedia Commons
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Teaming up with African artisan designer Abrima Ewiah, actress Rosario Dawson has invested in sustainable artisan fashion creating African & African-inspired clothing.

Jason Mamoa, star of 2021's Aquaman, has also recently gotten involved sustainably. Jason has launched an environmentally friendly sneaker brand made from algae. The shoe is productive in reducing greenhouse gases and is economically productive to his community, being from the Samoan Islands. The supply is plentiful and will produce significant revenue for his people.

Billie Eilish

Wikimedia Commons,_May_2021_%281%29.png
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Pop icon Billie Eilish uses her star power to influence major brands like Nike to move away from organic leather in favor of vegan choices for their popular shoes. She has worked with the big brand to introduce leather-free versions of their two best-selling lines of Air Force 1's and their all-time bestseller Air Jordans.

12-time Grammy Award winner John Legend has used his influence to bring awareness to the sustainable artisan movement. He worked on fundraising for the upcoming artisan vegan leather company MycoWorks securing $45 million of investment money for the grassroots company. One day, this company may even be the go-to supplier of many of Discovered's artisans.

 Natalie Portman

Wikimedia Commons
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Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman has also worked with the artisan startup MycoWorks. She has done incredible work helping to secure its Series B funding which is doing tremendous labor in up-scaling the vegan leather production abilities.

Chris Hemsworth, the star of Marvel's Thor, is showing his support of sustainable fashion by using his star power to help Big Brand Hugo Boss become the first major fashion to promote shoes made from plant leather. In 2019, Hemsworth agreed to work with the fashion brand as its ambassador to foster sustainable fabrics in fashion, lower CO2 emissions, and reduce energy consumption by 30 percent.

Handmade ring

The conscious consumer market is alive and vibrant in the United States. We are Discovered, an online marketplace for modern artisan clothing & jewelry ethically crafted by artisans in emerging countries globally. We help our artisans connect to the global market reaching consumers they would typically not have access to while providing quality service to our customers. Please support artisan fashion & jewelry.

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