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Artisans' Favorites: Artesanas Campesinas

Artisans' Favorites: Artesanas Campesinas

Artesanas Campesinas (ArtCamp), founded in 1991, is a Mexican rural women’s artisan cooperative. Together, they create handmade jewelry. Read on to discover ArtCamp's favorite items.

Artesanas Campesinas (ArtCamp) – founded in 1991- a Mexican rural women’s artisan cooperative. First of all, these villages of craftswomen work together to create handmade jewelry. Even more, ArtCamp unites their efforts and the creativity of Mexican artisans. And all using traditional techniques learned from their grandparents. Most noteworthy, ArtCamp unites the women of many villages. For example Tecalpulco, Taxco El Viejo, and Dolores. Due to the traditional economy of these towns which is agricultural the cultivation of beans, squash and corn are practiced in rainy seasons. For the reason that peasants need money for clothing, electricity, medicine, and school trade in homemade traditional crafts provide much needed additional income.

Cirina Lugo Bahena from ArtCamp

An artisan from Artesanas Campesinas Cirina Lugo Bahena – 57 years old – visits the sick and the old ones regularly. Her dream is that her son gets a good job. And that he will be able to fix her house which is falling. She describes ArtCamp as ‘dreamy women tied to a small circle where one achieves their aspirations’.

Her favorites

Certainly, Cirina loves to wear the jewelry she makes herself. For example when she goes to the mass, to a rosary, or a community civic program. Also, she doesn’t use machines when making her jewelry. But she makes them the old fashioned way. Because all the parents and grandmothers of ArtCamp were artisans. And they continue the tradition that was left to them. Most noteworthy, Cirina sometimes gets inspired by her dreams. And if not, the inspiration comes after a black coffee. Another fun fact about Cirina is that her favorite jewelry is The Sitting Cat of Twenty Colors and some shell earrings of the Pacific Sea with flowers. 


Due to the striking colors in the jewelry customers are drawn to ArtCamp. For the reason that mosaic is the product of specialized work, Mosaic stone earrings are a customers’ favorite. And women can’t stop buying them. As a result, we put together 3 amazing mosaic earrings for you. The colors are just remarkable and did you know that so many different colors could look that good in one earring?

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